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Course marking

Course Marking:


Orange Marks

Distance Flags

Distance flags: Every five kilomters
TO-GO flags: By 4km, 2km and 1km (Red for "Media", Orange for the other courses)


Aid Station Boards

They will be fixed next to the main aid stations!

Course' Key Points

The first key point will be after one kilometer: The level crossing! But no worries, there are going to be two Race-Staffs to guarantee your safety! 

About 50 meters after the distance flag "2 KM TO GO"- Marking (Media-Flag) you will pass a hunting lodge: Be carefull there. Don't run into the wood yard!

After about 29 kilometers the Trail will transform into a street for few meters. It is possible that you will confront cars there. So watch out!

About six kilometers after the Media-Loop you will need to pass a tunnel: Watch out!


Before and after the aid station Murtèl there will be some snow. So have a look at your shoes!