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Fantastic mountain world: Piz Bernina and its glaciers

"Although the Piz Bernina only just breaks the 4,000 metre mark at 4,049 metres, in terms of beauty and elegance it is difficult to beat - even from higher mountains." [, 2018]

In the adventure room "Bernina Glaciers", the fascination of the glaciers in the Bernina region can be experienced live. Based on the connecting elements of glacier, energy and season, visitors can enjoy fantastic natural experiences and unique attractions. The focus is on the eternal ice with the unique view of the Bernina massif from the mountain stations. Nothing is as invigorating as a run through this breathtaking backdrop, which can be admired even closer on any viewing platform. A feast for the eyes of our trial runners and all nature lovers, a snapshot of the summit in the look of a postcard!  In the majestic Bernina Glaciers mountain scenery, you'll also be taken further up over hill and dale: past the imposing crevasses of the glaciers and through the fabulous mountain world.

Three Upper Engadine mountain railways line up around the famous Bernina massif with the 4,049-metre-high Piz Bernina - the only four-thousand-metre peak in the Eastern Alps. The Piz Bernina is the only four-thousand-metre-high mountain in the Eastern Alps - or, depending on your point of view, the easternmost four-thousand-metre-high mountain in the Western Alps. Although it may only just rise above the 4,000-metre mark, this is enough to make it the highest elevation in Canton Graubünden. Moreover, Piz Bernina's elegance and power are hard to beat from other mountains, albeit higher ones. has a very clear opinion on this: "The Piz Bernina only just breaks the 4,000 meter mark with 4,049 m, but in terms of beauty and elegance it is hard to beat - even from higher mountains."

On the west side of Piz Bernina is the mighty Corvatsch, while on the east side lies the gentle Diavolezza and the sporty Lagalb. In the Bernina massif, the Piz Palü impresses with a special feature: the 3,901 m high mountain cannot easily be conquered in sunlight. Knowledge, empathy and skill are required for a successful trail run. The first climber Johann Wilhelm Fortunat Coaz wrote the following about his successful ascent of the mountain: "At 6.00 in the evening, we stood on the longed-for elevated peak on pure ground not treaded on by any human being, on the highest point of the canton. Serious feelings seized us. The greedy eye wandered over the earth to the wide horizon and thousands and thousands of mountain tops lay around us, rocky and emerging from shining glacial oceans. Astonished and oppressed we looked over this magnificent mountain world". The villages of Sils, Silvaplana, St. Moritz and Pontresina with the Bernina Pass are part of this fabulous mountain world.

"The routes are planned down to the smallest detail, which is why I can say with a clear conscience that our run offers space for sustainable development and maintenance of our region" [Gian Luck, track manager Ultraks].

The fantastic mountain world of the Bernina massif along the glaciers is the setting for the new Bernina Ultraks. The run runs along a unique natural landscape with snow-capped mountains and lakes crossed by glaciers and offers a unique experience in the midst of breathtaking distance. As we value and love nature just as much as you do, we have set ourselves the goal of preserving the beauty of the landscape in the long term. Thus Ultraks is based on the criteria of sustainability by considering essential factors: the use of environmentally friendly products, a general conservation of resources, an organized waste management, regional added value and social responsibility. "The routes are planned down to the smallest detail, which is why I can say with a clear conscience that our run offers space for sustainable development and maintenance of our region," says Gian Luck, head of routing at Ultraks. Many supporters of trail running agree: trail running requires less infrastructure than mountain biking or skiing. Switzerland already has a comprehensive network of hiking trails. The fact that people skate close to the "eternal ice" of the glaciers is also included here - paths also exist in the glacier area for mountain tours and hikes. We use the most challenging routes, which can only be mastered with a little technical sophistication. A special challenge at the highest level, which does not require any additional, natural parameters. All according to the principle "our planet is our home"!