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Distance: 42,2 km
D+/D-: 2.600 m
Highest point: Diavolezza – 2.980 m
Start time: 08:15 AM (tbc)

The new royal route of the Bernina Ultraks runs - as the name suggests - over a marathon distance of 42 km in front of the spectacular glacier backdrop of the Piz Bernina and the Piz Palü. The runners of our new highlight not only have to master the almost 2,600 metres of altitude difference, but also face the challenge of constantly changing terrain. Because this route has everything that makes the runner's heart beat faster: At the beginning, the main road leaves Pontresina heading south on the first trails along the UNESCO World Heritage route of the Rhaetian Railway in the direction of Moteratsch. The world-famous panorama train of the Bernina Express runs on this route. Up to now the route has been moderately uphill, but now it is getting steeper and steeper. It goes directly into the Bernina glacier massif and you will have to adjust to the scree of the glacier moraines. At the Bova hut at almost 2,500 m you have a great view of the surrounding high mountain landscape. Especially the Piz Palü with its striking appearance and the Piz Bernina, the only 4000m high mountain in the Eastern Alps, stand out. 
The trail now continues along the Morteratsch Glacier and the Persgletscher in the direction of the Diavolezza. Good footwear and spikes are required here, as there are only a few places where the glacier has to be crossed over the glacier ice. After the ascent you reach the highest point of the route, the Diavolezza mountain station at 3,000 m, THE viewpoint of the Bernina Group. The following downhill will not be any less fun, on the east side of the mountain the trail runs almost 5 km downhill towards the Lagalb valley station. The way back to Pontresina experiences a new ascent at Piz Albris into Capricorn Paradise, up to Fuorcla Pischa. Continue northwest past Piz Languard and after a short downhill into the last small climb to the Segantini hut. The final highlight of this extraordinary trail, a fantastic view over the entire Upper Engadine, awaits you here. Now it's time to let it run and enjoy the last kilometres downhill towards the finish in Pontresina. Every finisher is in any case the conqueror of the Bernina and the winner is truly the king of the Bernina.