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Steinbock Trail

Distance: 16,3 km
D+/D-: 800 m
Highest point: 
Start time: 09:30 am

The new short distance of the Bernina Ultraks is the ideal route for trail beginners and leads you to the Capricorn Paradise Pontresina.

The Engadine is home to around 1,800 of these unique wild goats. So the chance that you will see one of these great animals during your run is high.

From Pontresina the route leads east, up Alp Languard and past Paradis Hut. Along the Piz Languard the route continues towards the Unterer Schafberg, which lies below the Segantini hut. The following section offers an incredible view of the impressive Bernina Massif. From there you run uphill for the last time towards Alp Margun. There you will experience a breathtaking view of the mountains and lakes from St. Moritz to Maloja before you can give your all in the last downhill towards the finish.