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Your Challenge - Bernina Ultraks

Bernina Ultraks - Your Challenge

No matter if you are a starter or an expert! At the Bernina Ultraks around Pontresina everyone will find their own personal challenge! You too!

In the last five years the Engadin St. Moritz Ultraks have established themselves in Pontresina and will get a new coat of paint in 2020 and become even more spectacular! The next level!

Your Challenge - the Bernina Glacier Marathon

With the Bernina Glacier Marathon, the trail run sets new standards with a breathtaking route around the Bernina Glacier World. You will run 42.2 kilometres through the breathtaking mountain massif around Piz Bernina and Piz Palü. The Piz Bernina with its height of 4,045 m towers above everything in the Eastern Alps and thus offers the perfect backdrop for an outstanding trail across various terrains in high alpine terrain. The Piz Palü is known worldwide from Hollywood movies. Many directors were inspired by the striking and unique appearance of the mountain and chose the area as their film backdrop. James Bond was already filmed here. But not only the landscape around the Engadine mountain massif makes the run so special, also the different subsoils challenge you as a runner. From asphalt to classic trails to crossing the glacier ice, everything is there. Pack your spikes! The winner of this spectacular run can certainly call himself "King of the Bernina" - are you up to the challenge?!

Your Challenge - the Corvatsch Trail

The Corvatsch Trail is the challenge for all connoisseurs among you! Do you dare to venture on our Scenic Trail and experience 30.1 km of fantastic scenery paired with challenging sections? Through the wild and romantic Val Roseg past the Roseg Glacier you cross the Corvatsch. Before you reach the summit you have to master a steep ascent to Fuorcla Surlej. In the exciting downhill towards St. Moritz you will be rewarded with a view of the unbelievable Upper Engadine lake landscape - are you ready for the challenge?

Your Challenge - the Capricorn Trail

You haven't run a trail yet and would like to start? Then the Steinbock Trail is your personal challenge. 16 km unique trail running experience with moderate ascents but a breathtaking view of the Bernina Massif. Discover the most beautiful parts of the Steinbock Paradis Pontresina and let yourself be infected by the trail fever - will you rise to the challenge?

Your Challenge - Languard Vertical

Even longer, even steeper, even more impressive: the new Languard Vertical on Friday. Your personal challenge! From Pontresina, steeply uphill into Capricorn Paradise, past Alp Languard directly onto Piz Languard. Master 6.5 km and 1,400 hm in this short and crisp vertical. The reward is the unique view from the Georgy's Hut over the Upper Engadine - are you ready for the challenge?

Your Challenge - couple or team

Running together is even more fun and together you can master every challenge more easily! Run as a team on one of the great Bernina Ultraks tracks and experience an extraordinary weekend in Pontresina. New in 2020: The Duo Challenge. The special classification for all couples - are you ready for the challenge?